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Beyond Octa-dimensions!

OTS is one of the fastest growing providers of information technology (IT), Engineering design and services in UAE. OTS has focused on the innovative application of information technology, Engineering design and services. We have remained an agile, customer-focused organization that provides our customers with the most highly experienced engineers and technical personnel in the industry. Our detailed knowledge of in-demand technologies and clear vision of customer goals, allows us to execute tailored services that meet or exceed customer requirements and needs. This includes developing partnerships and alliances with vendors, integrators and other service providers to deliver streamlined, complete solutions.


Zuken’s products and services are designed to help companies meet the challenges they face in today’s dynamic and competitive electronics markets. ..read more

Mentor Graphics


Flowmaster® is the leading general purpose 1D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) solution for modeling and analysis of fluid mechanics and pipe flow in complex systems. ..read more

CAD/CAM & PLM Solutions

CAD/CAM/CAE/CAID solutions for manufacturing companies along with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions implementation and support . ..read more

Digital Voice Recording Sytems

Digital Voice Recording System utilizes modern computer technology and state of the art high capacity 4mm tape drives or versatile DVD-RAM drives as archive media. ..read more

Vehicle Tracking Systems

The System is designed in the flexible manner to cater for the complexities of management of owned assets, rental assets and cargo transportation media. ..read more


Advantech is a leader in providing trusted innovative embedded & automation products and solutions. Advantech offers comprehensive system integration. ..read more

APC Technology

APC Technology designs and manufactures state of the art computer/control technology packages for industrial and military clients who have critical applications where failure is not an option read more

PIC Technologies

An important tradition at PIC is our Development Department which assists manufacturing by monitoring, defining, and documenting the process. ..read more

Commercial and Armored Vehicles

Each armored vehicle is designed to deliver security on the road while also achieving optimum levels of performance and comfort ..read more

Auto and Heavy Engine Spares

Deals in all kind of auto and heavy engine spare parts including Aluminium Piston, Forged pistons for high loads, Oil Filter Modules, Fuel Filter Module, etc...read more

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